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My Story:

Welcome! This web site is dedicated to my creative life in music and art.

My name is Mel Nusbaum.  Originally from Chicago, I grew up playing guitar. I studied music and started playing piano as well. I love all forms of music. I moved to New York City to play jazz, blues, latin, funk, freejazz, doowop, rock, pop, and whatever with all kinds of terrific groups. I enjoy playing at clubs, concerts, festivals, and parties. I love harmonies. I compose lots of original music: jazz tunes, bossa novas, ballads, beats, funky jazz riffs, and songs for people to enjoy.

As you browse this site, you can hear examples of my guitar and piano playing. You are welcome to sample free selections from concerts and music albums that I have produced. So, please help yourself. 

When I'm not busy with music, I enjoy making creative art projects: mosaics, collages, holographic designs, and museum installations. I've put a few samples on my Instagram page, 'mnpcgallery'. I hope you enjoy my work. Feel free to click the 'Contact' menu above to send your feedback and comments if you like. Thanks for visiting!

What's up:

Lately, I have been leading a group called "Mel's Jazz Zone" with some very exciting and talented musicians, including Ralph Lalama, Chris Pasin,Tim Armacost, Mike Richmond, and Eliot Zigmund.

Fans have enjoyed my music at festivals around New York including the Palisades Interstate Park "Music on the Rocks" concerts, the Jazz Forum Summer Series, the Fort Lee Library and the Tenafly Library. I've also been active with a jazz piano trio and several other groups on piano and guitar. I enjoy performing and sharing my feelings through music.

I appreciate that people react positively to my music and art. I'm encouraged and am looking to express more creative feelings. Please feel free to browse this site and help yourself to the sounds and pictures. I hope you enjoy it, and I invite you to share your feedback.

I feel fortunate that my days and nights are filled with beautiful music.

Flowing River and Swinging Music!
Eclectic Jazz/Rock!
Strings of Happiness!